Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Drawloween 2016 - ATCs 1-10

I wasn't sure I'd be doing Drawlloween 2016, but since October has taken a sideways turn that has relegated me to serious couch duty, hey, Drawlloween 2016!

Day 1 - Back from the Dead (TRADED)
I am the most rule-following human being alive when it comes to most areas of my life, but tell me what to do with my creativity, and suddenly I find my inner rebel in the corner, smoking a blunt and flipping off the world.  Even though I LOVE drawing undead things, for this prompt, the closest I could get was to draw Persephone, on her way back from Hades to the arms of her mother.

Day 2 - Carnival Creepers (TRADED)

Day 3 - Mummy Monday
Day 4 - Tentacle Tuesday (TRADED)
Day 5 - Better Gnomes and Goblins, orThe Goblin as He Sees Himself
Day 6 - Urban Legends, aka Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light?
Day 7 - What Lies in the Mist (TRADED)
Day 8 - Eight Legs, 1000 Eggs, or Me, Watching Trump (TRADED)
Day 9 - He's a Doll, Dummy
Day 10 - Demonday, or TFW Satan Notices Your New Skin Dress


  1. Whoa, look at that output with your busy crazy schedule! Is tennis over?!) I totally totally love the Persephone and Day 7 woman with the crazy awesome spooky lighting and yellow palette. They both have an angle showing the bottom of the nose and THAT IS HARD ANND. Make more and trade me one :D

    That is one hella creepy dummy. Also the super creepy fuzzy spider face and creepers and demon with that hand omg! Fantastic set of spooky stuff!

  2. Awesome!!! I totally agree that Day 7 - What Lies in the Mist is so perfectly creepy and a hard to accomplish face angle. Fantastic spooky set

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