Saturday, January 6, 2018

Watercolor Challenge #3

I made this as an exercise in using more water than usual, as well as a lighter touch.  I treat watercolors too much like acrylics!

Watercolor Challenge - Painting 2

So with this piece, I wound up using quite a lot of colored pencil, but not from the beginning.  I have a dark blue-ish gray that's a great not-quite-black color, and I use it often for eyelashes and eyebrows.  In this case, I wanted a darker value to expand the value scale for her hair, and so I dug into a cheaper set of watercolors for a black, and I got too liberal with it, using it for her hair as well as the shadow between her hair and her neck.  I tried to correct with colored pencils, and once I started using them, I couldn't put them down, dammit.  I love the control they give me -  and I definitely don't feel in control with watercolors!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Watercolor Challenge: Painting 1

I sat down to start this challenge, and WOW am I rusty with the watercolors!

I am wicked obsessed with ghostly white faces right now, so when I stumbled across a picture of a preternaturally pale redhead, I could not resist.