Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Perspective Challenge.

I am hosting and participating in a Perspective Challenge on Illustrated ATCs, which involves creating three pieces in three days.  Rather than doing a city block or a tunnel, I decided to find inspiration in one of my favorite film franchises: Aliens.

Here's my first sketch, which is inspired by the second film, and which I scanned before coloring just in case I lost control of a marker at an inopportune moment.  I am really happy with the dynamism that one-point perspective gives to this piece!

This is the moment when Corporal Hicks is teaching Ripley to use the big gun.  He wants to show her how to fire.  She wants to learn "everything."

Yay perspective.

My first piece sprang from the second movie, so I took my second piece from the third movie, because then it's a thing.  This moment is one I would give to Ripley if I could, because in the film, when she goes to the morgue to see Newt's body, there is no time for crying or grieving; she must immediately start advocating for an autopsy so she can determine if Newt was killed by an alien.  Here, in my ATC, she can have a moment.

You would never guess from this how long I spent drawing doors, or how I almost broke my brain trying to draw the tray where poor Newt is laying under a sheet.  I wish I had taken a picture before I added Ripley, but alas.  I was in too much of a hurry!

For my third piece, I tried to get a little too ambitions.  This is a stab at doing a line of cryo tubes:

It looked okay in pencil, but once I started inking everything went south.  There are too many curved lines that follow perspective at only one point, with curves that I could not seem to make exactly the same from tube to tube.  ABORT!

In the end, I did my third card from the fourth movie.  The perspective is subtle, but i do think it makes the card more dynamic:

Monday, June 6, 2016

iATCs Coloring Book

Illustrated ATCs is raising money to cover our server costs, as a part of which, we are selling this amazing coloring book!

Purchase a copy!

If you're a member of Illustrated ATCs, don't forget our prize structure for donations!  For a $100 donation, you get the coloring book, a class by Amerasu and AnnD, your choice of classes by themuppet, and a class from EraserQueen!  WOW!

Finally, if you are a site member and you do donate, here's a reminder to go to and click "signup" on the top menu to get started creating your account:

And literally just need to put this here because newsletter.

More random screen shots that have to go somewhere.