Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Bob Project - 1

If you haven't read the Introduction for The Bob Project, I recommend that you begin there.

As unoriginal as this is, I decided to begin at the beginning.  I know, I know: Mainstream hackery.  The first thing Bob gets to do in the Picture Dictionary for Children is throw a ball, so who am I to stop him?

Sentence: Bob threw the ball across the room.

Originally, the piece was roughly 6x9:

In the end, I cropped it down to 5x7 and committed to CUTTING THE SENTENCE FROM THE DICTIONARY (ulp):

Now, this is obviously a somewhat comical illustration.  By way of warming up, I wanted to counter the idea that Bob, our main representative of the majority, is a cooperative sort of fellow who cheerfully shares the ball. If he has to share, he'd really rather throw the ball at someone, rather than to her.  Were she to object, Bob could say (and historically, has said) that he's only joking around. Why so serious?  Get a sense of humor!  SHEESH!

Meanwhile, I came to like the cropping of Bob's hand, insofar as that literal omission carries symbolic weight, too. If we don't see Bob throwing the ball, can we really punish him?  Boys will be boys. No big deal.

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